Stability Ball Workout by Melissa Bender

Hi Everyone,

Today’s workout is a stability ball routine that you can repeat up to 3 times. It will work your entire body, and is a little extra challenging with the added element of balance. 🙂 I warmed up by doing 10 minutes of jumping rope, then ran through this workout at max reps 3 times through. Time for the foam roller and some stretching!



Stability Ball Workout – Repeat up to 3X

Beginnners – 10 reps, Intermediate – 15 reps, Advanced – 20 reps

  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Hamstring Pull
  3. Back Extension
  4. Front Leg Lift
  5. Back Leg Lift
  6. Knee Pull
  7. Bridge Press
  8. Squat and Reach
  9. Pike
  10. Ball Press

**Disclaimer: Take care of yourself, and listen you your body. I will not take responsibility for your injuries. Always use the proper form, warm up, cool down, and stretch when attempting my routines. Only perform exercises which are acceptable for your individual fitness level. Most of all, have fun, and thanks for reading. -Crystal

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